The EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) was founded by Dennis Kiley. Its mission is to foster human thriving while benefiting the planet.  In addition to our services, we give 1% of our profits to environmental organizations and projects, and offer free resources.

We work with organizations and individuals to produce the leadership, healing, growth and change needed in these current turbulent times.  Our programming psychologically uses nature’s principles and experiences as catalysts for improving how we organize, engage and impact the world.

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Given the challenges facing communities, businesses and individuals, we need models for doing good and well.  Environmental ecosystems provide this; they prosper while facing similar needs and difficulties as humans. EPI builds upon the field of ecopsychology, looking at the connections between people and the natural world. More uniquely, we work with human systems applying psychology and biomimicry, which uses nature’s designs and principles to optimize impact.  Biomimicry is currently being applied with great success to fields like product creation, the military, health care, building design, display technology and energy production. The EcoPsychology Initiative is distinctly expanding this knowledge to areas like organizational culture, leadership, strategic planning, community development and governance.

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Our staff has experience in running businesses and non-profits, working in municipal governance, leading groups and coaching individuals. This extensive background enables us to uniquely cater to your specific goals. Our public curriculum empowers you to apply our programming to your particular needs. EPI’s private services provide a thorough and robust enhancement of your entire systemic functioning and growth.