*Curious to understand nature’s therapeutic potential?
*Want to know how to practice and apply Ecotherapy?
*Seeking more community and connection around nature and psychology?

Module I, October 7th: Why Ecotherapy?
Module II, October 14th: How does it work?
Module III, October 21st: What to do?

3 experiential live modules recorded to fit all schedules

Cost: $99
Early Registration: $79

Learn how to use the transformative power of nature to heal and change lives.

Nature’s experiences and principles, when psychologically applied, have the capacity to change lives, to help us heal and grow. This course is for counselors, educators and all helping professionals who want to support meaningful change in people’s lives using nature.

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This 3-module online Ecotherapy course will deliver the knowledge and resources you need to use nature therapeutically. You will acquire the essential skills, practices, and theoretical understanding needed to help others.

There is robust and ever-increasing research about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of nature. Even if you aren’t aware of these, chances are you’ve experienced the benefits of just being outdoors. In this EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) class, you will learn how to proactively use nature’s healing capacities to maximize positive change and growth with personal development.

In addition to refining your skills, you will have the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded peers. Our webinars are designed to stimulate engagement and shared learning. Done in conjunction with EPI’s pre-existing curriculum, you will be empowered to work with diverse clients or students to optimize the transformative impact of nature.

All webinars are recorded live to fit with your schedule and desired pace. Even if you can’t attend a module or want to revisit the curriculum discussed, you will have the webinars at your disposal. As part of your registration for this course, you also get access to class notes, additional resources and a special Facebook group.

Whether you’ve never taken a client outdoors and are interested, or if you want to deepen the outdoor work you’re already doing, this course will empower you to better serve your clients and students by harnessing the powers of nature.

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