Nature-Inspired Spirituality

Four evening modules beginning July 1st

  • Module I: True Nature
  • Module II: Suffering
  • Module III: Teachings
  • Module IV: Service



An EcoPsychology Initiative Online Course

Who are we?
What causes our suffering?
How do we live?
The Earth has answers


Do you want to live more connected, awake and centered? Nature can enrich the spiritual lives of anyone, catalyzing insight, healing and growth. On a planet full of suffering, nature offers paths to deeper engagement and change, for ourselves and the world. The wisdom of the planet holds keys to lives of greater connection, presence and open-heartedness.



Who is this course suited for?

This program can be helpful for a broad range of people. If you’re looking for community and engagement around any of the following subjects you will benefit from this class.

  • Curious how the experiences, lessons, and qualities of nature will help you live better
  • Wondering how to use nature to complement and deepen your existing spiritual path
  • Wanting to know how nature can be its own spiritual path
  • Desiring to simultaneously deepen your connection with yourself, others and the world
  • Seeking to both minimize your own suffering and that in the world around you around you
What’s the story with this course being ‘flexible”?

Though the webinars are interactive and occur at fixed times (see below), they all will be recorded. If you are not able to attend the live webinar you can watch it when your schedule allows.

How experiential and applicable is this course to my life?

In short, very. Not only do we offer an intellectually stimulating program, it will also be interactive, engaging and experiential. We’ve designed the course so the material has a direct benefit to your life, to be easily and effectively applied to bring about meaningful growth and healing.

What are the dates to put in my calendar if I want to join the live webinars?
  • Module I, True Nature: July 1
  • Module II, Suffering: July 12
  • Module III, Teachings: July 19
  • Module IV, Service: July 29

Additional Info

Outcomes you will get:
You will receive the key insights, practices and lessons of nature presented in a way you can tangibly apply them to your life for meaningful results.  This wisdom will be integrated with your own knowing to enhance your path for spiritual deepening and realization.  The course is designed to be engaging and experiential.  You’ll find community, clarity and inspiration to live more consciously in the world.
This course guides you towards a place of deeper connection, presence and open-heartedness. These are the very things needed to be spiritually awake in the world today, where there is increasing disconnection and disturbance.   “Nature-Inspired Spirituality” offers the nourishment and support you need to navigate life’s waves of shadow and darkness/adversity. You will become like the tree in the woods, growing and rising to the light.
Drawing upon nature’s teachings and experiences, you will find your spiritual life enriched and revitalized.  The earth’s wisdom complements and enhances your existing beliefs and practices. We help you take the experiences and insights found in nature and distill them into core practices and teachings you can weave into your life. Taking this class will nurture your spiritual roots while propelling you to further blossoming and emergence.
What is the value for this-why $99 makes sense
            Ecospiritual training: $225
            Nature-inspired spiritual practices: $75
            Ecospiritual assessment: $125
More about the modules: 
Each of the modules is designed to illuminate how the Earth’s wisdom can foster greater self-realization and spiritual unfolding. Collectively, they support you more fully actualizing and living your life. Each of the modules is designed to be engaging, experiential and empowering. In all four sections of the course, you will receive practices, reflections and insights that can be easily applied to your life to enact meaning and enduring change.
Module I: examines how nature mirrors to us more deeply the Truth of who we are. Acquiring this ecospiritual lens reveals not only our True Nature but, just as importantly, how to live from it.
Module II: explores what causes our suffering and struggle: within ourselves, with other people and for the planet. The material is applicable for you individually and as a culture. Knowing how people get in their own way is essential as we try to avoid the hardships of life and live more consciously.
Module III: distills the many lessons, experiences and principles of nature into a series of core teachings that are most pertinent to spiritual living.
Module IV: looks at the importance of service, a core spiritual thread of all traditions. Learn how you can simultaneously serve other people, the planet and yourself by coming closer to the Earth.