Climate Stress & Psychology

  • Module I: Change the Story
  • Module II: Resilience
  • Module III: Grief
  • Module IV: Re-engage

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Climate Stress & Psychology

  • Stressed by what is happening to our planet?
  • Seeking to promote healing in yourself and around you?
  • Want to maximize your abilities as an environmental            difference maker?                                    

Change your world, inside and out using the pioneering fields of Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology


The American Psychological Association recognizes that many people “are deeply affected by feelings of loss, helplessness, and frustration due to their inability to feel like they are making a difference in stopping climate change.”

Believers in climate change outnumber disbelievers 5 to 1.

8 in 10 people favor action to address climate change.

This course is designed to empower environmental leaders who want to be more effective, activists who are burned out, healing professionals who want to support clients stressed by climate change, and anyone feeling affected by what’s happening to our planet. 

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The time is now to address the climate change. Learn the psychology behind what is happening and what can be done to be part of the healing and solutions.


Taught by Dennis Kiley, founder and president of the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), this 4-module course will provide you with a psychological map for how we’ve arrived in our climate crisis, what you can do to promote healing, and how you can best maximize your environmental impact in the world around you. EPI’s Climate Stress & Psychology program uses the quickly advancing field of ecopsychology to give you practices and a process for navigating your personal psychology (thoughts and feelings) while also learning essential insights and strategies to make you a more effective changemaker. In the process, you will discover a deeper sense of connection with yourself, others and the planet.


Each module will include a webinar presented by Dennis with discussion and Q&A (recorded for those who cannot attend live), practical applications, take-home exercises and resources.

In addition to the teachings, you will be empowered to find your own answers, all while having the opportunity to engage with other like-minded individuals who are also part of the class, fostering essential community and connection. A private Facebook group has been created to build further community and encourage continued discussions.


Dennis Kiley is founder and president of the EcoPsychology Initiative, a business that works with individuals and organizations applying the principles of nature and psychology to bring about positive growth, healing, impact and change. Dennis has extensive experience presenting and training individuals and organizations about climate psychology. His background is in clinical psychology and ecopsychology, teaching and group facilitation. Amongst various climate involvements, Dennis is most notably vice-chair of A Climate To Thrive, a regionally acclaimed organization in Maine working to make Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030. He lives with his wife and daughter amongst the mountains, woods and waters of Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, Maine.


Module I: Change The Story, January 27 (4:00pm EST):
Individually and collectively, we all have beliefs-conscious and unconscious-about our relationships with the world. Understanding common perceptions and narratives of separation that contribute to climate change is important for addressing the problem. This module will address the equally important psychological shift towards promoting and integrating stories that reflect our place of belonging and connection to the earth.

Module II: Resilience, February 2 (4:00pm EST):
Module II will empower you to handle challenging emotions, experiences and outcomes while sustaining energy over the long and sometimes arduous climate journey. You will learn resilience strategies, practices and insights needed for staying engaged and effective while you face climate change.

Module III: Grief, February 9 (4:00pm EST):
If you love the planet or are aware of climate change, it’s impossible not to feel sadness, fear, loss, and many other heavy feelings. Embracing grief is important in the process of moving from despair and overwhelm towards empowerment and engagement. In Module 3, Dennis will demonstrate how to process uncomfortable emotions that arise in a way that promotes living from love, gratitude, connection and ultimately inspiration for bringing healing to the world.

Module IV: Re-Engage, February 17 (4:00pm EST):
Few people or organizations understand how to apply the psychological particulars of climate change in an effective way. Yet, we all want to know how to act and affect change in a way that is meaningful. This module will provide you with an awareness of what actions and communications are most effective, and which ones to avoid.

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