• Ten EcoPyschological principles to live by
  • Nature’s effects on personality
  • The psychology of environmentalism
  • Improving well-being and consciousness being in nature
  • Life as an ecosystem

Five module online course, Starting February 2018
$75 $35



An Introduction to EcoPsychology, and
Nature-Inspired Leadership, Growth & Healing

Everyday we see examples of the best and worst of humanity, of both visionary and misguided leadership. We live in times with dire social, economic, political, and environmental concerns. It is time for more conscious and inspired action, for leadership that helps us grow and heal, to solve our problems and realize our potential.

Registration is now open for the launch of introductory course,

Nature Knows The Way

February 2018

$55 Short-term Introductory Offer

Please join Dennis Kiley- psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and founder of the EcoPsychology Initiative– for this dynamic online course designed to guide you into a deeper exploration of the relationship between human psychology and the natural world.

Using the principles of EcoPsychology, Nature Knows The Way supplies a map of understanding and action for anyone ready to learn strategies to achieve personal growth, maximize ability as a change-maker, and heal the wounds that disconnect people from themselves, each other and the planet.

The course is divided into five modules; each section delves into a distinct area of EcoPsychology. Included in each module are resources, practices and knowledge you can draw on to improve the quality and impact of your life. The lectures will provide a foundational introduction that anyone can learn from, while supplemental practices, references and interactive opportunities enable greater depth for those who want it. Modules come out every several weeks to allow engagement in the material at a time frame that works for you. The curriculum for each module is designed to explore the concepts and effects of nature on human psychology while being relevant and influential to all areas of your life. The result is a guide for decision-making that will improve your psychological well-being and capacity to make a positive difference in the world. You will change your world, inside and out.

Questions? Email ecopsychologyinitiative@gmail.com


  • Five Modules : optional webinars/lectures, reflections, practices, and interactive Q&A with Dennis Kiley
  • Topics
    1. Life as an ecosystem
    2. Ten principles for thriving
    3. Psychology of environmentalism & climate change
    4. Nature & spirituality
    5. Impact of nature on psychological development
  • Cost : $75 $55 Temporary Discounted rate

Course Objectives
  • Provide a thorough introduction to EcoPsychology, looking at how nature’s principles and experiences catalyze thriving, healing and leadership
  • Offer insights that will empower you to better understand yourself and the world around you
  • Demonstrate how living by the principles of nature optimizes change and growth for individuals, organizations and communities
  • Present a lens for understanding current problems—individual and collective—and a map for designing solutions that are innovative, resilient, efficient and sustainable
  • Deliver ideas, practices and direction that leads to both immediate change and long-term transformation
  • Inspire you with the possibilities for doing good and well, finding prosperity for people and the planet
  • Deliver a program that is accessible for people with full lives and varying interests