We all have different goals. Some of us want to be more effective community leaders, others want to be better partners, parents or people. Regardless of what you want in your life, understanding psychology plays an essential role in realizing your goals. Self-knowledge creates empowerment and choice. If you really want to impact your own life and those around you, psychological awareness of how people perceive, identify, feel and relate is invaluable.

At the EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI), we believe that understanding people’s experiences and relationships with nature is invaluable to understanding their psychological composition. Formative experiences in and with nature indelibly shape who we are. The physical and natural backdrops of our life and our specific memories in nature affect how we experience and engage with the world. This is pertinent knowledge for anyone interested in environmental, community or personal growth.

Our curriculum generates insight and understanding about our relationships with our environments and how this affects the rest of our life. EPI’s programs utilize this awareness and these experiences in nature to catalyze healing and map directions for change. Through this process, lives are changed inside and out.