Wake up. Wake up. Internally and around us, the call to spiritually awaken is growing.

From political and social unrest to climate change, intolerance and deteriorating health, many of the problems facing us today stem from separation and disconnect from ourselves and the world around us. Recognition of our shared participation and belonging to the earth is essential for all human and spiritual growth.

The EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) is committed to supporting the spiritual development of individuals and humanity. The diverse programs and services we offer are designed to bring people closer to the earth, each other and their true nature. Our workshops and retreats cultivate individual and shared healing, growth and transformation. Through fostering insight and experiences for the mind, body, heart and soul, we seek to answer the call to wake up.

EPI looks at three tributaries of our spiritual relationship with nature:

  • Interconnection: Our world is a living and breathing network of relationships; our true nature is that of belonging and unity with the organisms and ecosystems of the planet.
  • The cultivation of spiritual growth: Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, nature is a teacher, healer, mirror, inspiration and catalyst for the spiritual growth many seek. Nature continually gives humans perspective and the experiences necessary for spiritual actualization.
  • Climate change: Climate change threatens the foundational livelihood and wellbeing of individuals and communities and is thereby a spiritual issue. Furthermore, our environmental crisis is a product of psychological and spiritual states of humanity, and the solutions consequently require an ecopsychospiritual approach.