The EcoPsychology Initiative provides trainings and consultations to optimize organizational impact, engagement, leadership and change.

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  • Develop a culture that is more innovative, efficient, resilient, and
  • Improve the functioning and impact of your organization while staying true to your values and goals.
  • Grow your business and profits while contributing to the betterment of your customers and community, employees and environment.

In today’s world of business- with increasing competition, scarce resources, and uncertainty-it is hard to be successful. You require a results-driven approach that is both flexible and firm, substantive and simple, one that can be easily adapted to your unique organizational needs.  Given the difficulty of doing well, doing good might seem impossible. Fortunately, it isn’t. The EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) provides systemic and psychological strategies to benefit prosperity, people and the planet. Our services improve organizational culture, strategic planning and communications. We draw from:

  • organizational culture
  • leadership
  • human psychology
  • business principles
  • ecology

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We psychologically apply nature’s principles to improve impact, organization, leadership and engagement. Our consultations, trainings and workshops provide a map for creating the change you need for success.