Applying Nature’s Principles to Optimize Innovation, Resilience, Sustainability and Efficiency

The EcoPsychology Initiative (EPI) offers trainings and consulting services based on ten ecopsychological principles. Psychologically adopting these tenets into your organization will improve your culture, leadership and impact.

The ten principles are: adaptation, teamwork, communication, creativity, diversity, decentralization, patterns, ‘both and’, edges and relationships. (Read more about these principals here) The principles are flexible and comprehensive, and also easily applied to your company to optimize functioning. Each is a goal on its own, and collectively they form a robust strategy for maximizing innovation and resilience, sustainability and efficiency.

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Our programming complements and enhances any mission, values and strategic plan. We simply and effectively incorporate these principles to your organization’s goals and culture. When these principles are adopted, you will experience real and sustainable growth. Your success will be efficiently created, resilient to adversity, adaptive to change and innovative for tomorrow’s solutions.